DEWALT - 20V MAX Tool Connect 2Ah Battery 2Pack - DCB203BT-2

DCB203BT-2 20V MAX* Tool Connect™ 2Ah Battery 2-Pack

The DCB203BT is the DEWALT 20V MAX* 2 Ah Battery with integrated Bluetooth® technology. Use the Tool Connect® free mobile app to remotely monitor the state of charge, enable or disable battery packs, and use the LEND feature to control how long the pack can be used by someone else. ͍ ͍ The Tool Connect™ 3-part inventory management solution includes the app and Inventory Manager web-based software that work together to help you better communicate updates from the field to the office. You will get updates regarding the whereabouts of tools, materials and equipment, meaning your assets are tracked during the day and accountability is placed on appropriate crew members. Use the Tool Connect™ batteries with the Tool Connect™ tools, Tag and Connector for a complete inventory management solution.