Battery Safety

Top 10 Lithium Ion Battery Storage & Safety Tips

This year, the Power Tool Institute is encouraging you to Take Charge Of Your Battery through proper battery selection, usage, transportation, storage and disposal – regardless of your DEWALT cordless power tool platform.

Here are our top ten tips for getting the most out of you Lithium Ion batteries, helping to maximize performance and runtime:

  1. Use only authentic DEWALT batteries for best performance and safe compatibility with DEWALT tools and chargers.
  2. Store and charge batteries in a cool, dry location.
  3. Avoid exposing batteries to liquids, oils, or extreme temperatures.
  4. Clean batteries with a clean, slightly damp cloth; do not use solvents.
  5. If your battery no longer holds a charge, take them to a DEWALT Service Center near you for fast, free, and safe disposal.
  6. Follow proper transportation guidelines. For instance, engage the red transport cap when shipping FLEXVOLT batteries.
  7. Disengage battery from tool before placing into storage for extended periods.
  8. Fully charge battery before storing for extended periods (longer than 6 months).
  9. Do not use batteries with visible damage or cracks.
  10. Visit a DEWALT Service Center for help with your battery. Do not attempt repair or service.

Ready to dispose of your batteries? Find a service center near you for safe Lithium Ion battery disposal – regardless of manufacturer.

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