Dewalt Mobilelock Bluetooth (BLE) Wireless Cable Lock with 12' Heavy Duty cable

Dewalt Mobilelock Bluetooth (BLE) Wireless Cable Lock with 12' Heavy Duty cable

  • Cable Lock connects to the DS600 Mobilelock wirelessly using Bluetooth technology (BLE) for easy installation
  • Up to 10 BLE sensors can be paired to a single Mobilelock offering a complete portable security solution
  • Cable Lock is jobsite tough and completely weatherproof
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Product Overview

The DEWALT Mobilelock Wireless Cable Lock features a 12' heavy duty stainless steel braided cable that can be wrapped around high value assets and alerts when opened or cut. The device connects wirelessly to DS600 MOBILELOCK using Bluetooth (BLE). Up to 10 MOBILELOCK BLE sensors can be connected to a single DS600. Replacement cables available in several lengths.

Additional Features

  • Stainless steel braided cable wrapped in a heavy duty urethane jacket secures your assets.
  • Alert is sent immediately to DS600 Mobilelock when the cable lock is opened or cable is cut.
  • Padlock can be added for additional security
  • Different cable lengths available to match your security needs- 2', 6', 12' and 24'
  • Built in temperature sensor can be configured to report high and low temperature alerts making it useful for more applications
  • Other built in sensors like tamper and low battery can also be configured for alerts providing even greater security and piece of mind
  • 1 year limited warranty; 30 day money-back guarantee


  • Protecting valuable assets on the site: generators, ladders, heavy equipment, etc
  • Securing fenced gates and other entry ways
  • Protecting ladders on the top of trucks/vans
  • Securing the back door to cargo trailers
  • Securing appliances and materials for homes under construction
  • Securing back up batteries used by cable companies
  • Securing spools of wire at utility sub stations
  • Securing musical equipment for touring bands


  • (1) DS630 Cable Lock Base Unit
  • (1) 12' Heavy Duty cable
  • (1) 3.0 Volt Lithium Battery
  • (1) Set-up Instructions for Pairing With DS600 Mobilelock



Unfortunately, the warranty information cannot be retrieved for this specific product. Please review the information about our warranties.

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