XP7 Asphalt Segmented Diamond Blade

Product Overview

Quickly cut through asphalt and green concrete with XP7 Asphalt Segmented Diamond* Blades. These extreme performance blades deliver increased durability and undercut protection with laser-welded segments. Take on more as you cut with a reinforced metal matrix that securely holds the hard-wearing diamonds. These sharp, densely packed diamonds offer high removal rates and reliably deliver precise cuts on both high-speed saws and walk-behind saws up to 65 HP.

Additional Features

  • QUICK CUTS IN ABRASIVE MATERIALS: Obtain high-removal rates with rugged, compact diamonds
  • PRECISION CUTTING AT HIGH SPEEDS: Reliably delivers quick cuts with high-speed saws and walk-behind saws up to 65 HP
  • DEWALT® XP7 – Longer. Stronger. More Extreme™


  • Asphalt
  • Green Concrete
  • Masonry



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  • * This blade uses manufactured diamonds engineered for cutting.