SDS Plus Rebar Cutters

SDS Plus Rebar Cutters

  • Carbide tip geometry is optimized to cut through rebar to easily.
  • Durable head design enables drilling in Hammer Mode
  • SDS+ shank lets you easily switch between a carbide bit and rebar cutter

Product Overview

The SDS Plus rebar cutters feature optimized carbide tip geometry that easily drills through rebar. The new head design enables drilling in hammer mode and the SDS Plus shank allows easier switch between the carbide and rebar cutter.

Additional Features


  • Drilling through rebar when hole for anchor cannot be moved
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DWA54340 SDS Plus Rebar Cutters
DWA54100 SDS Plus Rebar Cutters
DWA54780 SDS Plus Rebar Cutters
DWA54120 SDS Plus Rebar Cutters
DWA54380 SDS Plus Rebar Cutters
DWA54580 SDS Plus Rebar Cutters




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