FLEXVOLT® Diamond Cutting Wheel

FLEXVOLT® Diamond Cutting Wheel

  • Segmented diamond cutting edge for long life in concrete cutting and scoring
  • Optimized design for FLEXVOLT® Cutoff Saw (DCS690), for long runtime and maximum productivity on the jobsite
Long service life: Setable diamond -segmented blade to extend the shell when cutting concrete, even armed with iron up to 1/4. Lower vibration and distortion: with a high quality steel body that reduces vibrations and distortions Compared to a conventional abrasive disc. High performance: with a high concentration and consistent distribution of synthetic diamonds for high performance "

Additional Features


  • Concrete General Purpose Cutting
  • Concrete Scoring


Product Length
10.67 in
Product Width
30.5 cm
Product Height
0.51 in
Product Height
1.3 cm
Product Width
12.01 in
Nominal Maximum RPM
Product Pack Quantity
Product Length
27.1 cm
Product Weight
3.45 lbs



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