DEWALT & The Electrician

Pros demand better solutions, and our innovative cutting and crimping tools help increase productivity, so electricians can make the most of every work day.

Pros demand better solutions, and our innovative cutting and crimping tools help increase productivity, so electricians can make the most of every work day.  From design to build to report, DEWALT® delivers what electricians need to get the job done - from start to finish. We’ll discuss a few major stages for electrical installation on a jobsite and how DEWALT provides a solution.


Everything starts with a plan.  DEWALT HangerWorks™, a plug-in for Autodesk® Revit®, automates the placement and design of hangers and seismic bracing for electrical systems such as conduit and cable trays. Engineering calculations are built into the program to (1) easily enable the sizing of hanger assemblies based on the system weights, (2) determine hanger locations based on building code requirements and user-defined project standards, and (3) identify areas of concern through clash detection. DEWALT HangerWorks software is designed to achieve significant BIM workflow efficiencies and cost savings. 


DEWALT offers a full range of cordless drills for both concrete and wood-drilling needs. Whether it is OSHA, Table-1-compliant kits and shrouds for drilling post-install concrete anchors, 60V MAX* VSR stud and joist drills with E-Clutch® systems, or specialty angle and compact drills, DEWALT has you covered. Each drill is designed to meet the drilling needs of specific applications so you can get exactly what you need.


DEWALT Engineered by Powers is a full line of mechanical, chemical, direct fastening, and light-duty anchors for your rod hanging needs. A few highlights include the HangerMate®+ concrete screw, which is a one-piece, steel anchor designed for rod-hanging applications such as fire protection systems, ventilation systems, electrical conduit, pipe hanging, and cable trays. The DEWALT Mini-Undercut+ mechanical anchors are tested and ICC-ESR 3912-code approved for post-tension slabs and ideal where cracked concrete anchors are approved. These are just a few of our full line of anchors available for order.


DEWALT has kicked the cutting game up a notch through the development of a 20V MAX* Threaded Rod Cutter and guillotine-style cable cutters. Both provide speed and enhanced user protection versus older methods of cutting threaded rod and large diameter cables. Designed for the trades, the threaded rod cutter provides quick, spark-free, burr-free cuts for instant and easy threading, while the guillotine style 20V MAX* Cable Cutter and 20V MAX* ACSR Cable Cutter provide a reliable and versatile way to slice copper, aluminum, and ACSR cable.


Forever altering the way electricians strip cable, the DEWALT 20V MAX* XR® Cable Stripper quickly and cleanly strips cable to a consistent depth without the need for a knife. This allows electricians to strip cable in hard-to-access areas and helps increase safety by eliminating the need for an exposed blade. The cable stripper cleanly removes the cable jacket from THHN and XHHW cables up to a depth of 4 inches without damaging the cable. Put down the knife and pick up a better solution.


The DEWALT line of cordless cable crimpers includes a 12-ton 20V MAX* Died Cable Crimper and a 6-ton 20V MAX* Dieless Cable Crimper with crimping capabilities from #8 – 750 MCM Cu /Al. and engineered to deliver consistent quality terminations. All DEWALT crimpers feature onboard intelligence to provide immediate pressure confirmation and tool diagnostics. Portable design and pivoting heads allow the electrician to maneuver in tight spaces, while the forward- and reverse-trigger switch offers convenient, one-handed operation.


CRIMP CONNECT® software is a free intelligence reporting system that enables users to track tool usage, create detailed reports, track service history, and view remaining crimps until next calibration. Easily download detailed work history and keep routine maintenance schedules with CRIMP CONNECT software in our cordless crimping tools.