DEWALT Electronic Tools

We always set out to exceed expectations. We have expanded our robust line of Electronic Tools to include lasers, laser distance measurers, and now stud finders.


Our Electronic Tools include lasers, laser distance measurers, and now stud finders. As always, each product is GUARANTEED TOUGH® to deliver the durability you expect from the trusted DEWALT name. Built with intuitive designs, they can replace many of the time-consuming traditional tools used today.


Electronic Tools make it easy. With 1- to 2-button operation on many of our electronic tools, paired with an easy-to-use interface, you can start using them without a lot of preparation work. This could save you time on the jobsite and still get the accuracy you depend on.

Once you see it, you’ll believe it. Our enhanced visibility green beam lasers emit a 4x brighter, more visible beam than traditional red beam lasers.

Our Electronic Tools are durable enough to fit into harsh environments. A prime example is our new DW080LGS and DW080LRS rotary lasers levels, which can withstand a 2-meter drop and have an IP-67 rating, making them dust and water resistant.


Rotary Lasers:

Our new 20V MAX* Tool Connect™ Green and Red Tough Rotary Laser Levels are our most advanced yet. Connect these rotary lasers to our Tool Connect app for mobile functionality, allowing you to track this tool on your jobsite, receive bump and drop indications, and adjust slope and line direction while you are away from your rotary laser. With a highly-visible green beam (DW080LGS), this Rotary Laser Level allows users to work with ease and precision, even on tough jobsites. Use the Rotary Detector with the rotary laser level and Tool Connect for a range of up to 2,200 feet, so you can use this tool in an expanded area.


Laser Distance Measurers:

With our new Laser Distance Measurers, you can quickly capture measurements with the click of a button. Calculate area and volume right from the tool, then use our Tool Connect app to save measurements, mark-up photos, and export projects (DW0165S and DW0330S only). These laser distance measurers accommodate all large-scale job needs, as they come in ranges of 165 ft. and 330 ft.

SKUs:  DW0165SDW0330S

Stud Finders:

Our first line of Stud Finders features Center-Find Technology. Instead of finding both edges of a stud to get to the center, our new stud finders give you an accurate read directly on the center of the stud. Its internal circular design allows the stud finder to maintain accuracy even when held at an angle against a wall.  Use this tool to detect wood and metal studs as well as live A/C wire.

SKUs: DW0100DW0150