New Technology Added To Xp Line Of Hammers

DEWALT has expanded its line of striking tools with a new range of Extended Performance XP hammers.

This range includes three Steel Hammers: a 16 oz. (DWHT51379), 20 oz. (DWHT51380) and 22 oz. (DWHT51381). Each of these premium hammers include new technology allowing for 35% less sting to help reduce arm fatigue* and 25% improved grip durability versus current 1 pc. steel hammers.

At DEWALT, we know that the two main complaints of hammer users are the vibration, or "sting" they feel on a daily basis as well as the durability or lifespan of the tool. After years of testing, we came up with ground-breaking technology to solve these problems. We found that it was the combination of the material of the handle as well as the hammer shape that allowed us to substantially reduce the vibration a professional feels. This updated material is chemical-resistant which helps to keep the grip intact during daily use.

We rigorously tested this category for years and partnered with US Ergonomics who has been conducting advanced ergonomic testing of hand tools for over 30 years. Our focus is always on creating high performance tools for the professional and this range was no exception.

  • Tri-Pull technology for versatility to remove finish, framing and large construction nails.
  • Optimized weight for a balanced swing.
  • Moisture-Resistant Grip helps prevent slipping during use.
  • Contoured handle distributes pressure from impact.
  • Handle flare enhances power and acceleration.