Pressage et soudage

Les raccordements par pressage permettent de gagner du temps et de l’argent tout en éliminant les risques d’incendie. En raison de la demande accrue pour des rendements élevés et des volumes de travail toujours plus importants, les professionnels se tournent vers des produits innovants.

Mike Peiffer is a Senior Product Manager at Stanley Black & Decker with over 10 years of experience in the construction industry. Throughout Mike’s career he has had the opportunity to work in sales, marketing, management and training development at both the distribution and end-user level.  He now leads product development at DEWALT for mechanical, electrical and plumbing power tools. “I love the challenge and excitement that comes with steering development for an ever-changing product category.”

Q: Why would a plumber use press fittings versus soldering two pipes together?

A:  “While there are advantages to both, more and more plumbers are moving towards press fittings. We at DEWALT find there are a few reasons that stand out the most. Soldering requires a hot torch with an open flame and a hot work permit. Because of this, many places in the country require two workers to be present with this process. One person is making the pipe connection and the second is a fire watch who ensures there is no fire danger. In some cases, the fire watch must remain on the scene for hours after the connecting worker has left. While many plumbers may have learned their trade with this technique, removing the open flame component eliminates a potential hazard.”

Q: Which technique is more efficient, pressing or soldering?

A: “Pressing connections versus soldering is more efficient. The time it takes to cut, prep and connect a pipe with a press connection verses soldering is significantly less. There is less downtime and no waiting time for a pipe to dry unlike when making a soldered connection.”

Q: What is the main takeaway on the trend toward press connections?

A: “Press connections instead of soldering saves both time and money while removing a fire risk. Combined with an increased demand for high performance and volume of work plumbing professionals are steering towards innovative product. We at DEWALT are committed to deliver safer, more efficient tools for the plumbing pro because the job and industry simply demand it.”