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20V MAX* TOOL CONNECT™ Corded/Cordless LED Area Light (Kit)

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The DCL070 20V MAX* Corded/Cordless LED Area Light with Tool Connect™ Bluetooth technology is a solution for poorly lit jobsites and extra-long extension cords with up to 7000 lumens and the capability to operate either corded or cordless. Instant on/off with no warm-up, dimming down to 500 lumens, and right/left light control make this versatile area light adaptable to almost any jobsite. Pair the light with your mobile device through the Tool Connect™ free mobile app and enjoy remote control of light settings in addition to Tool Connect™ tracking and inventory management. . . The Tool Connect™ 3-part inventory management solution includes the app and Inventory Manager web portal that work together to help you better communicate updates from the field to the office. You will get updates regarding the whereabouts of tools, materials and equipment, meaning your assets are tracked during the day and accountability is placed on appropriate crew members. Use DCL070 along with other Tool Connect™ tools, batteries, the Connector and the Tag for a complete inventory management solution.

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